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Outsourced support in UK North Sea

Responsibility for FPSO operations, as well as for monitoring and managing the pipelines and wells, except for the Cook well.


Anasuria Operating Company (AOC)


Anasuria cluster, UK North Sea

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  • Implementation of Service Operator model – a first in the UKCS
  • Significant cost savings through optimised maintenance and innovative approaches to inspection
  • Application of digital technology
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recognition for 20 years in a row
  • Team shortlisted as finalist for ‘innovation’ category at Petrofac’s coveted EVE Awards, celebrating the achievement of incredible results by living our values

Innovative approach to outsourced operations

Petrofac has supported AOC’s long-term plan to rejuvenate mature assets and bring a new generation of thinking and operating to the North Sea through its pioneering Service Operator contract.

For the first time in the UKCS on the Anasuria cluster we combined well, pipeline and installation operator responsibilities within one outsourced contract – known as Service Operator – an evolution of the outsourced Duty Holder model we introduced in 1997.

Our model provides an integrated, aligned approach, keeping costs to a minimum and allowing new entrants to achieve a range of outcomes including the transformation of mature assets, execution of new developments, production enhancement projects and decommissioning support.

Safe transition

Our one-team approach ensured everyone worked to make the initial transition of asset ownership to AOC as safe and seamless as possible. This was particularly important for those working on Anasuria – a 20-year-old asset with a lot of history, but also further development potential.

Conducted over a six-month period, 68 people were transferred from the previous owner to Petrofac, and everything from contracts and pensions, to shoe sizes and coveralls were assessed.

Despite having over 2,500 line items to consider and more than 16,500 man-hours worked between the transition manager and his team, disruptions to the normal operations and day-to-day life on board were minimal.

Safety was, and still is, our priority and the Anasuria team is proud to have been recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for 20 years in a row.

Saving time and money through new approaches to maintenance and inspection

Maintenance optimisation is even more important on an ageing asset.

Using Reliability Centred Maintenance techniques, a campaign approach to corrective maintenance and lean methodology, we identified, and implemented, significant annual savings for AOC.

This approach increases cost effectiveness and uptime, highlights unnecessary maintenance, and provides a greater understanding of the level of risk the team is managing.

Impressive results have also been delivered. From a novel approach to inspections, using remotely operated drones, to complete inspections that would previously have required production outages. We also captured and transferred detailed visual and measurement photogrammetric data into the Anasuria FPSO’s Digital Twin, eliminating the need to mobilse offshore for surveys and inspections.

Digital workflows ensure safety, compliance and efficiency

Cost savings and accelerated execution are also being driven by process efficiencies and digital technologies, including eliminating traditional spreadsheets / forms and moving to digital workflows.

By introducing an electronic system for the approval and recording of overrides and inhibits, we saved time previously spent on emails and filing paper records. Digitalising workflows also ensures safety critical processes are followed, and provides a real-time audit trail to support and demonstrate compliance.