What drives us

We believe that how we do business is just as important as what we do.

Our purpose is to enable our clients to meet the world’s evolving energy needs. Three cornerstones underpin this:

  • our strategy
  • the organisation that delivers it
  • the values that guide its everyday application

Combined, they support our purpose and the discharging of our responsibilities to all stakeholders.

Our four values are fundamental to who we are and what we do.

They are the core principles that guide and direct our business. Acting as our compass, and informing our decision-making, they are inherent in every Petrofac project and contract. As well as expressing who we are now, they encapsulate where we are headed, and what our clients expect of us.

We have always celebrated our values, along with the people and teams who embody them. We’d encourage you to take a closer look at each of the values, and see how we live them:

We aim higher. Delivering the best result, every time

  • We invest in our knowledge and capability to become experts in our field
  • We look beyond the easy route, and find new ways to inspire each other and those we work with
  • Our focus on service quality is unwavering. We always strive to optimise value for clients

We have a responsive mindset and problem-solving culture

  • We anticipate change, evaluate risk and adapt quickly to stay ahead
  • By combining curiosity and creative thinking, we navigate obstacles and find effective solutions
  • We embrace innovation and partner on technology to maximise productivity

We are good corporate citizens

  • If it’s not the right thing, we don’t do it. We never compromise on our responsibilities
  • We care about, respect and protect our people, host communities and the environment
  • We invest in long-term, trusted relationships that drive equally high standards

We work together for success

  • We create an inclusive environment where different opinions, ideas and experiences can thrive
  • We encourage honesty, actively listen to each other, and face challenges as a team
  • Driving the right solution matters to us. We value collaboration and welcome opportunities to learn and improve