Redefining decommissioning 

Mature basins require innovative approaches and service solutions; as the project phases evolve, so do your business drivers.  

As your assets move towards late life, we strive to maximise economic recovery, defer cessation of production and plan safe and responsible decommissioning.  

We combine experience, commercial flexibility and strong supply chain collaboration to deliver predictable and cost-efficient decommissioning. From initial review to methodology selection, detailed planning and cost, engineering, and design, through to execution, we support your end-of-life challenges.  

You can trust us to enhance value and significantly reduce risk.  



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Experience applied, certainty delivered

In a world where service companies talk about decommissioning, Petrofac delivers.

From front end strategy and framing, to removal and disposal, Petrofac is the only tier one global contractor with the in-house capability to manage all well and asset decommissioning phases.

We have unrivalled, real experience of late life asset management and delivering a range of flexible, and tailored, decommissioning solutions.


Late life and decom

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Our work

Large-scale integrated, multi-asset


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Discrete to integrated decommissioning services

Our decommissioning services start well before removal and recycling of installations, and even cessation of production. Leveraging our asset knowledge, we drive early-interventions and cost-effective measures while the asset is still operational to optmise the decommissioning programme, de-risk execution, and reduce cost.

When it comes to planning for decom, we know that completing detailed analysis at the outset, drives cost and schedule surety and ensures there are no surprises for you during the execution phase.

Tailored decommissioning solutions provide targeted support, aligned to your asset strategies. We do this so we can approach your scope in the safest, most responsible, efficient and predictable way possible.

We deliver all elements of the Decommissioning work breakdown structure as discrete services or as part of an integrated offering to leverage synergies, optimise project scope, de-risk project execution, and generate value for you.

Our decommissioning services

Commercial flexibility and global buying power drive cost surety

At this end of the asset life cycle, we understand the focus on cost is sharper than ever. Our broad supply chain and existing, long-term strategic alliances are underpinned by aligned and competitive commercial terms, to deliver the best possible price for your project.

Petrofac provides an alternative to the traditional reimbursable execution model, by successfully delivering decommissioning scopes – at scale – on a lump sum turnkey basis.

Our aim is to give you the confidence and certainty of outcome required in a decommissioning partner.


Well plugging and abandonment delivered under budget


Well decommissioning: shared risk, well rewarded



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