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Manage complexity and unlock value with support from our experienced, multi-disciplined consultancy team. 

Our rich skillset supports the most complex project challenges. From the initial development phase, through operations and into late life, we’ll help improve the performance and integrity of your energy assets.

Flexible delivery

Whether we’re helping you get new developments off the ground or solving reliability and integrity issues on operating assets, we are flexible in our delivery, providing consultancy support through framework agreements, as discrete projects, or in support of large-scale integrated projects.

Advancing critical infrastructure projects

The depth of our capability means we can support many types of infrastructure across the energy landscape – onshore, offshore and subsea - from pipelines, structures and facilities to piping and vessels.

Our consultancy services:

Process technology

As the world’s energy needs evolve, so too does the technology required to produce it, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Our consultancy team brings experience, technical and legislative understanding to projects, enabling them to carefully evaluate options and select the right technologies for your project. We are technology neutral, meaning we are free to select the most practicable solution for every project we support.

Asset improvement and integrity

Our asset management consultants focus on helping you improve the performance of your operating assets by developing and implementing strategies that optimise integrity, reliability and maintenance regimes – and enhance the data that drives them.

We’ll support asset integrity across all elements of energy infrastructure, from structures and pipelines to equipment and piping. We’ll also help drive debottlenecking and expansion studies and provide specialist consultancy to help you manage and reduce your emissions and other environmental impacts.

Subsea and pipelines

We address design, integrity and operational challenges for onshore and offshore pipelines and subsea infrastructure conveying hydrocarbons, CO2 or hydrogen.

Our expertise spans conventional seabed facilities associated with subsea tie-backs, through deep water subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF), as well as high-pressure, high-temperature and long-distance, large-diameter pipelines.

Flow assurance

We offer the expert analysis you need to keep your assets running safely, efficiently, and productively.

Working closely with our pipelines and process teams, our flow assurance team tackle dynamic and steady-state flow challenges, onshore or offshore. Whether it’s a start-up issue, dynamic slugging project, or analysis of wax or hydrate, or CO2 transportation challenge, the team has a wealth of experience in solving flow assurance challenges.

Structural analysis

Our ability to think differently is key to unlocking solutions for complex structural engineering projects. Our understanding spans onshore and offshore structures for hydrocarbon, offshore wind and decommissioning sectors.

We can support both fixed and floating offshore assets, including cables and moorings. But whether we are providing support to new build projects or solving integrity issues for ageing infrastructure, our analysis and advice give our clients the assurance they need to advance their critical infrastructure projects.

Safety and environmental

Offering safety, risk, reliability, and environmental consultancy for onshore and offshore assets, our safety and environmental team is vital to the safe delivery of our engineering projects.

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