Brownfield modifications

The challenges of operating aging assets in mature basins are amplified by fluctuating commodity prices.  

Asset budgets are often constrained, and so when you take the decision to invest in your infrastructure, driving surety of cost and schedule becomes even more important.

Add to this the drive for a lower-carbon future, and owners of hydrocarbon assets have a great responsibility to consider.

Problem solving is in our DNA; we help turn these challenges into opportunities.


Vast brownfield modifications experience

We provide brownfield engineering and modifications across 30 assets for 15 clients

assets for 15 clients

Brownfield mods delivered on time and in budget


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Maximising late life asset value

By modifying existing infrastructure and delivering safety, integrity and debottlenecking projects, we can support you to enhance production and safely extend field life, maximising the value of your assets over the short-to-medium term.

Ultimately, we help push out cessation of production (COP) and decommissioning liabilities. Using existing oil and gas infrastructure to maximise economic recovery, is a key tenet of the energy transition.


Construction-led approach

During the brownfield engineering design phase, construction is included as a technical discipline to ensure we deliver scopes that are constructible, safe and aligned to your objectives. 

Fit-for-purpose engineering

Fit-for-purpose engineering minimises construction impact on ongoing operations – and our operations experience gives us unique insight into the challenges of managing brownfield modifications during ongoing operations.

Working closely with your asset teams at the earliest project stage, we provide safe, light-touch engineering solutions that minimise the impact on ongoing facility operations while modifications are implemented.

You can trust our expertise and extensive track record of delivering solutions that are fit-for-purpose, operable, constructible, and above all, safe.

Digital tools enhance delivery

The predictability and certainty of delivery is enhanced through our use of digital tools.

Using digital technology to track and record our performance, including our live digital dashboard to monitor and track KPIs, gives you total transparency and the confidence and certainty of outcome you require.

Equipping your site-based personnel with real-time access to cloud-based engineering information across the construction lifecycle – including digital work packs, SIMOPS and completions – increases productivity.

Brownfield modifications

Our brownfield modifications help maximise efficiency, maintain asset integrity and extend the life of assets, onshore and offshore.

  • Minor modifications
  • Safety and integrity-critical work
  • Debottlenecking
  • Shutdown management
  • Compressor upgrades
  • Power regeneration

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