Sustainability and ESG

We are committed to playing our part in delivering a sustainable energy sector. This extends well beyond the way we are helping clients reduce their emissions and progress their new energies’ ambitions.

On our sustainability subsection you will learn how are we integrating ESG into our business, from protecting the environment and addressing climate change, to putting an emphasis on health, safety, and wellbeing, of our people and everyone we work with.

"Our business model and our ESG agenda are completely aligned. We see the energy transition as a strategic opportunity, the creation of in-country value is central to our local delivery model, and our best-in-class delivery is characterised by uncompromising commitments to ethical behaviour, safety, employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion."
Tareq Kawash Group Chief Executive

Our approach to sustainability and ESG

Our sustainability strategy is structured around Environment, Social, and Governance pillars, widely known as ESG. These are indivisible from what we do as a company, and we engage with representatives from various groups of stakeholders to understand what matters to them, and how we can align our ESG priorities to the material issues we identify.

Understanding what matters most to our stakeholders

We regularly engage with clients, suppliers, investors, NGOs, policymakers, employees, and our supply chain, to fully understand what matters most to them. As a result of these discussions, we identified material issues for our business and aligned our targets to them.

We aim to minimise our own environmental impact, while supporting our clients in achieving their lower carbon ambitions.

We aim to minimise our own environmental impact, while supporting our clients in achieving their lower carbon ambitions.

Our material issuesOur targets
Tackling climate change (Net Zero)Net Zero by 2030 (scope 1 and 2 emissions)
Climate resilience (energy transition)
Biodiversity protection
Circularity and waste managementCircular economy adopted by all sites
Water management

Environment – find out more

Climate change – find out more

We are promoting safe local delivery of our projects and services, drawing on ethical supply chains, building a diverse workforce, and helping to address the skills gaps that will support a just transition.

Our material issuesOur targets

Asset integrity and incident management

Zero harm
Worker health, safety & wellbeing
Employee attraction, development and retentionEnhancing diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusion
‘Just’ transitionAddressing climate risk and resilience
Human rightsRespecting human
In-country valueOptimising in-country value
Community engagement

Health and safety – find out more

Diversity and inclusion – find out more

Human rights – find out more

In-country value – find out more

We are underpinning everything we do with clear, consistent standards of ethical behaviour, bound by rigorous compliance and governance.

Our material issuesOur targets

Ethical behaviour and compliance

No regulatory non-compliance
Revenue transparency

Move beyond compliance

Responsible governance
Grievance managementAll third parties screened for human rights

Business ethics – find out more

Governance – find out more



Committed to Net Zero in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030



Targeting 30% of women in senior roles by 2025



Proportion of employees who completed an annual declaration confirming compliance with the Petrofac Code of Conduct

Energy transition

Taking responsibility for the future of energy

We are committed to being a net zero company by 2030 or sooner – and even as we work to decarbonise our own business, we’re helping other organisations and industries around the world to do the same.

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