Decommissioning execution

When the time comes to decommission an asset or well, you need a partner you can trust.

Petrofac leverages extensive experience, established strategic alliances, supply chain relationships, innovative commercial approaches and a real appetite for challenging traditional reimbursable models, to successfully deliver decommissioning scopes that support your drivers.

Safe and effective delivery

With our operations mind-set and an appetite for challenging the norm, we have a proven track record of delivering safe, technically robust and fit-for-purpose decommissioning projects.

Petrofac has successfully delivered multiple asset and well decommissioning activities as main contractor (holding all contracts, including rig, well services, vessels and logistics) – also delivering significant savings for our clients.

We draw on this experience to provide you with surety of project delivery, both in terms of scope and cost.

Innovative commercial models

Our decommissioning execution services are underpinned by innovative commercial frameworks which drive more value for you while reducing risk.

By successfully delivering decommissioning scopes on a lump sum turnkey basis – where we offer a competitive fixed price on simple, tried and tested terms – we’re challenging traditional reimbursable commercial models.

Scalable decommissioning execution services

Petrofac’s decommissioning solutions are fully scalable to align to your needs and enhanced by our offshore construction experience.

Our fit-for-purpose support includes brownfield engineering to enable topside engineer down clean (EDC), pipeline drain purge vent (DPV), well engineering and subsea capabilities, well decommissioning, heavy lift preparation, support for change of asset operating mode and supply chain relationships with heavy lift vessel and drilling contractors.

One-team approach to decommissioning

By holding all sub-contracts we simplify stakeholder management and contractual administration, creating genuine alignment on project goals, in order to develop a one-team approach.

We work with long-standing partners, with whom we have commercially aligned relationships and a proven track record of collaboration.

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Ross Provan - Global Decommissioning Manager

Ross Provan

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