Gender balance at Petrofac

We continue to work hard to improve our gender balance through a range of both established and innovative initiatives, focused on long-term improvements.

The number of women in our company is reflective of the wider, traditionally male-dominated industry. Our aim is to close the gap and continue to increase the number of, retain, and develop women in our business, not just in senior roles.

We are targeting 30% of women in senior roles for the Group by 2025. In 2022, 25.8% of the employees who are on, or report into, our Group Executive Committee, were women. We also aim to attract more young female talent to our company and provide them with an opportunity to build a successful career in the industry, at Petrofac and beyond. In 2022, 69% of the graduates we have hired globally were female.


At Petrofac, we commit to


Maternity Returner Champions

This programme provides extra support to employees returning from family leave. Our maternity champions are trained mentors and provide a confidential and safe space for discussion. We have also created the Managers Guide to Maternity Leave. It gives line managers advice on supporting employees taking maternity leave and their subsequent return to the workplace.

When I returned to work from maternity leave I was expected to slot back in like I had never been away. It was a challenging time and I felt quite alone. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years and would love the opportunity to share this with other maternity returners, offer support where I can and also create a network where we can all turn to when we need a little boost!
Laura Davey Director - Finance and Maternity Returner Champion

Keeping in touch is key

For the duration of the maternity leave period, line managers are encouraged to keep in touch with their team members. They also hold a virtual quarterly business update in which employees on maternity leave are invited to attend a short webinar on key business updates, as well as provided with the opportunity to ask questions.

Celebrating our female colleagues’ careers and success

We aim to increase the representation of women at Petrofac and in the wider energy industry. By tackling underrepresentation, we want to make STEM roles and the energy industry better and more appealing.

Learn more about some of the women at Petrofac and their trailblazing careers below.


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