Competence assurance services

We assure workforce competence through a comprehensive assurance, assessment and verification management service.

Combining our rich training heritage, industry expertise and digital tools, we’ll support the development, management and assurance of your workforce competence, across your organisation, assets and regions.

Assessment and verification

Our expert assessors and verifiers have a wealth of experience and industry understanding. They draw on this to analyse baseline competence and to define competence profiles for critical roles. From here we design and implement roadmaps and training programmes that close any gaps in your team’s skills, training or compliance.

Our independent assessors and verifiers provide vital quality assurance to the process, and we can deliver the training to develop your assessors and verifiers where required to both L&D9DI and D11 SQA award level.

We deploy our learning and competence platform, SkillsVX, in support of our competence management and assurance services and on our own operated assets and those assets where we manage integrated operations and maintenance contracts. We are also experienced in using client-owned software platforms.

Our platform for compliance

SkillsVX is our learning and competence management platform. It supports the hosting, mapping, management and tracking of competence levels, enabling you to assure competence and regulatory compliance across your workforce.

Integral assessment and verification features support the management of fair, accurate and consistent assessments, by providing an audit trail for the full assessment process.

SkillsVX also streamlines the sampling of assessments and the sharing of feedback with assessors, making the whole process quick, easy, and auditable.

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Worldwide users


More than 500,000 people use SkillsVX to manage their learning and competence activities



SkillsVX has facilitated the delivery, management and verification of more than 100,000 paperless assessments

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