Our culture defined by our people

We worked on facilitating a safe environment where our people can have a voice and where conversations can flow freely and everyone in the organisation can feel comfortable sharing their experiences. This took shape in the form of Employee Network Groups (ENG) – voluntary, employee-led associations, made up of people who come together based on their shared values and interests, or demographics such as gender, ethnicity, or sexuality.

ENGs help us foster a truly inclusive workplace - one that reflects the world that we live in, the customers we serve and where anyone can succeed. They provide a safe environment where similar people can share experiences, discuss sensitive issues, and support each other. Anyone at Petrofac can become a member of an ENG.

SHINE – women’s ENG

Our women’s network group – named SHINE (Supportive, Harmonious and Inspirational Network for Excellence) by its members – provides a forum for our female colleagues to network, support, and mentor each other. It is not limited to women trying to forge a more equal workplace. Their male allies take an active part in group’s activities and the group is open to all employees, regardless of gender.

We have also started Menopause, a sub-group of the SHINE network, where employees that are either pre-menopausal or going through the menopause, or just wish to find out more or understand how they can support colleagues, can attend.

“SHINE is a diverse network of inclusion, inspiration, and collaboration. It is a platform to help and support each other, instil confidence, and share knowledge and experiences. It provides a fantastic opportunity to build a network across the global organisation”.
Carolyn Milne Operations Director and SHINE Global Champion

Pride ENG

To advance an environment where LGBTQ+ employees and allies can share experiences, discuss sensitive issues, and receive support from each other, we have established the Pride ENG, which acts as a collective voice for raising issues that affect LGBTQ+ employees, help provide solutions to make improvements at Petrofac, provides support to wider Diversity & Inclusion.

Pride was set up to give a voice to LGBTQ+ employees and allies

“Creating an environment where all colleagues, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexuality, feel respected, welcomed, and supported is an absolute must. As a father of two gay daughters, I am passionate about advancing workplace equality, and I am extremely proud of our ENGs. We have witnessed the impact the group has already had in making Petrofac a great place to work. I’m proud to sponsor this group which provides a safe space for colleagues around the world, who can be their true selves”.
Nick Shorten Chief Operating Officer and Pride Global Champion

EngAGE and Aspire

Caring for and developing talent is equally important to us as caring for and nurturing experience and expertise. On each side of the career journey, we have a structured ENG group to provide a space where employees in the early stages of their career, as well as those in the later stages, can share experiences and support each other.

We are passionate about creating a truly inclusive work place for employees and our Employee Network Groups play an important part in making Petrofac a great place to work. EngAGE aims to engage with and support employees in the latter stages of their careers, by providing a forum and space to discuss relevant issues, provide network opportunities, and ensure that employees are included in all aspects of employment, regardless of their age.
Des Thurlby Group Director, Human Resources
“Aspire is forward thinking. It aims to motivate and inspire colleagues in the early stages of their career. Joining the ENG is a great way to learn, develop, and progress both personally and professionally.”
Megan Morrison Projects Team Assistant and Global Champion for Aspire