Important notice on recruitment fraud and scams

Recruitment fraud is usually done through emails, social media, messaging apps, fake websites, or other similar means. Individuals or groups might pretend to represent, or  pretend to act on behalf of Petrofac to obtain financial gain - be it money or recently even virtual currency.  

Warning signs to look out for

Be on the lookout for some of the most common signs of fraud:

  • Asking for payment from candidates - authorised Petrofac personnel will never ask you for payment (money, bitcoin, etc.) as part of any application for work. Never send money in respect of a job application or travel expenditure for a job interview
  • Communicating via unofficial email addresses - the only official Petrofac email addresses end with ‘@petrofac.com’. If you are applying for one of our graduate roles, you might receive an email from petrofac@peoplescout.co.uk. Any other email addresses in this regard can be considered a scam attempt. This includes free web-based email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), but it is not limited to them. Scammers are getting increasingly crafty and are capable of setting up domains that are similar to ours (includes @petrofac.me, @petrofaccareer.com and similar)
  • Requesting personal information - be aware and cautious of people asking for personal information such as bank account details, personal address, passport, etc. And remember, no one at Petrofac will ever ask for your bank details in the recruitment process
  • Poorly formatted documents and spelling errors - if it looks fake, it probably is!