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Welcome to Energy Talks, the podcast where we speak to the people powering the energy sector.

In each episode, we'll bring you conversations with our experts and people across the industry. You'll get to know our leaders, hear from our subject matter specialists, and find out what's next in energy.

Welcome to our podcast

Welcome to Energy Talks


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Charla Tekun

How Petrofac attracts top talent to the energy sector

We explore the changing landscape of talent acquisition, how Petrofac's growth is impacting hiring strategies, how to attract graduates on one and experienced career engineers on the other side, and the importance of attracting external talent while developing our own within the company.

John Pearson

The future of energy

We explore how to be a futurist and predict what the energy market will look like by 2030. We also discuss the driving forces behind the energy transition and Petrofac's role in shaping the future.

Josie Philips

Saying yes to opportunity

We speak to our Asia-Pacific Regional Director Josie Philips about her career with Petrofac, growing from unknown to key operator in Australia, and how saying yes to opportunity changed her career.

Margaret Muller and Greg Ross

Paving the way to net zero

We speak to Margaret Muller, Head of Environment and Sustainability, and Greg Ross, Head of Sustainability, to learn about Petrofac's plan to decrease scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. They also share how they empower employees to contribute to our net zero journey and why sustainability is more than a job.

Jon Carpenter and Alex Haynes

Exploring the hydrogen opportunity

We talk to our resident hydrogen specialists about production, usage, and offtake opportunities and how the global energy map could evolve as new technologies move from theory into implementation.

Energy transition

Taking responsibility for the future of energy

We are committed to being a net zero company by 2030 or sooner – and even as we work to decarbonise our own business, we’re helping other organisations and industries around the world to do the same.

Talk to us

Josie Philips

Regional Director Asia-Pacific, Well Engineering

Greg Ross

Head of Sustainability

Alex Haynes

Head of Business Development, Energy Transition Projects

John Pearson

Chief Operating Officer, New Energy Services

Margaret Muller

Head of Environment and Sustainability