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Envision a future for Algeria powered by energy and fuelled by your dedication. Algeria’s growth and progress are intertwined with our 25-year legacy in the country, making us an integral part of the nation’s success story.

Harnessing Algeria’s energy and talent to unleash a wave of growth and opportunity

Our investment in local talent and collaboration with subcontractors has paved the way for us to build a presence in Algeria’s energy landscape, benefiting the Algerian people directly. Algeria is harnessing its full potential, and we are connecting with the local communities to boost the economy. Join us as we accelerate towards a brighter tomorrow, empowering Algeria, and its citizens with the energy to grow.

Algeria has several impressive and ground-breaking energy assets that have left a lasting mark on the country’s landscape and economy. From the monumental El Merk gas processing facility to the remarkable Ain Tsila development, these projects have played an essential role in boosting Algeria’s gas production, positively impacting the surrounding communities by creating jobs and opportunities for local people and companies. Shaping Algeria’s future, the Ain Tsila development will meet local energy demands and export to the world.



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Local people trained in our Hassi Messaoud centre

Supply chain


Subcontract, purchase and service orders from Algerian vendors (2019-2023)

Explore the timeline below to find out more about our journey in Algeria.

Encouraging Algeria’s next generation of engineers

The next generation of Algeria’s talented engineers and leaders is the future. Your skills and abilities drive our projects, and Algeria’s nationalisation goals are at the heart of our operations. Our training division pioneers mandatory HSSE training, adapting to complex assets with tailored solutions that meet safety and technical requirements. Combining industry experience with practical, hands-on training sets us apart.

The inauguration of a state-of-the-art training facility in Hassi Messaoud, nestled close to several high-profile projects, offers Algerian nationals from the surrounding villages and towns an intensive programme, including accommodation, food, and an allowance. We also equip trainees with life-changing technical and safety skills that ultimately lead to employment with us directly or through our subcontract workforce. Since its inception in 2010, 1300 Algerians have completed training through the centre.

It doesn’t end there. We have revamped a training centre in In Salah, built a craft centre at El Merk to nurture local high school graduates and facilitated English language courses for engineers through the British Council. Our local office provides exceptional engineering, procurement, and construction management services. Our work in-country exhibits our approach’s effectiveness and unwavering commitment to safe and efficient project delivery.

Driving local value through Algerian people

The Algerian government strives to maximise the generation of local value. Underpinning our presence in Algeria is our dedication to supporting the country’s nationalisation programme, with 80% of our project workforce coming from towns near our operations. Developing long-term relationships with Algerian companies and people is the foundation of our presence in the country.

A recent agreement with the Wilayas of Illizi and Ouargla reflects our commitment to recruiting Algerian talent and creating a skilled workforce. Equipping Algerians with the foundations for a career in the energy industry develops homegrown talent, accelerating the growth of Algeria’s energy industry. Large projects are successful when they create thriving local communities; local expertise and pride are critical to successful project delivery.

Tapping into Algeria’s supply chain

Collaboration with Algerian companies and suppliers on projects maximises investment in-country. Having spent over US$1 billion to date, we procure Algerian materials, services and equipment, injecting money back into the local communities, boosting the economy and creating significant job opportunities. Our comprehensive database of local manufacturers and construction subcontractors continually expands, enabling seamless project execution.

Leveraging investment in Algeria hands Algerian companies the tools they need to foster capability and sustainability. You don’t have to be fully qualified for the job. You can rise to the challenge of completing the work with the proper guidance and support. Developing and transferring knowledge whilst working together builds a collaborative environment that benefits everyone.

Making a profound impact on local communities

A country full of natural beauty, Algeria enriches the lives of its people. Through our social initiatives, we are investing in the well-being of Algerian citizens. Passionately collaborating with communities, we create opportunities for growth and success. Together, we build strong and resilient communities, establishing a sense of ownership and pride.

In pursuit of making a lasting impact, our Tinrhert project team embarked on a mission to brighten lives and encourage education for the children of Ohanet. With backpacks, books, and stationery supplies, they brought smiles to over 100 students at the Ebn Badiss Elementary and Zgouni Ali Complementary schools. The location of our first project in Algeria, our connection with Ohanet runs deep. We have nurtured a strong bond with the community and given back to the industrious village and its surrounding areas. From rebuilding the beloved local terminal, a village landmark, to providing essential medical equipment to In Amenas Hospital, our impact has lasting effects.

Supporting the growth of the Algerian economy

Algeria is transforming into a desirable destination for people and investment. Through our collaboration with local businesses and as a significant contributor to the energy sector, our projects account for an impressive 29% of Algeria’s annual gas production. Our substantial contributions to the economy are driving growth. With on-the-job training, support, and hands-on project experience, we nurture Algerian talent to accelerate the nation’s progress and development.

Our journey with Algeria is far from over. Algeria has the energy to thrive, and through our innovative and sustainable approach to delivering energy projects, we continue to empower the nation. We’re not just building energy assets; we’re building a legacy. Join us on this transformative journey and engage with us as we work together to unlock Algeria’s potential and fuel growth. Together, we can shape a future where Algeria’s economies soar, and its communities prosper. Now is the time to be a part of Algeria’s exhilarating journey.