Comp 3

Assuring competency in a distributed workforce

Learning and competence assurance systems and software implementation





Supporting a distributed workforce

Our client, Valaris, is a big organisation with a large and distributed workforce that operates to complex shift patterns in line with regulatory compliance standards.  

We significantly improved efficiencies and facilitated the management of its regulatory compliance needs by bringing together its training, competency, and learning management systems into a single software system, SkillsVX. 

Petrofac’s proprietary competency management platform, SkillsVX, enables the efficient: 

  • Measurement of workforce compliance, capability, and performance 
  • Management and tracking of workforce skill and skills gaps 
  • Generation of auditable, on-demand reports to meet operational and regulatory requirements 

A knowledge-driven solution

Our challenge was to implement the SkillsVX software having first integrated data from different systems deployed across Valaris’ two legacy organisations.  

After merging and cleansing the two organisation’s training and competency matrices, we brought the data onto a single platform. In doing so we have improved the management of training and competency for more than 7,000 employees across the client’s operations and assets. 

Our understanding of regulatory compliance and skill in managing complex learning and competency systems was central to this tailored solution supporting the specific challenges of the offshore drilling sector. 

Supporting across assets

The learning and competency of 7,000 Valaris employees is now managed through the SkillsVX platform.