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Powering a sustainable future through TenneT’s 2GW Programme

The changing energy landscape brings an increased demand for large-scale renewable energy generation. This pioneering framework is an incredible opportunity to drive transformation and foster energy security in Europe.




Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI)

Key facts



million homes powered with clean energy


MT overall weight per platform


Alongside our partner Hitachi Energy, we have been allocated a portfolio of six offshore projects under TenneT’s groundbreaking 2GW programme. Two projects will be awarded per year under a call-off framework agreement.

The combination of Petrofac’s industry leading EPCI expertise and Hitachi Energy’s proven technology, will support TenneT in connecting more effective wind farms, more quickly to provide affordable clean energy to millions of European homes .

Petrofac and Hitachi Energy have been awarded the contracts for five Dutch projects to be connected in Borssele (IJmuiden Ver Alpha, Nederwiek 1), Eemshaven (Doordewind 1 and Doordewind 2) and Geertruidenberg or Moerdijk (Nederwiek 3). This cooperation will also include the sixth project, the German connection LanWin5, which is to be connected near Rastede.

Design one, build many

The adoption of a ‘design one, build many’ concept for the HVDC platform model improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness, enables scalability, encourages knowledge sharing and enhances overall success. This standardised approach ensures a reliable, flexible, and economically viable solution for achieving the desired transmission capacity of 2GW per platform.

One of six platforms in numbers

Together, we power possibilities

TenneT, Hitachi Energy, and Petrofac came together in the UAE for a series of interactive workshops, with the primary objective of forming a safe and collaborative environment for the project. The workshops facilitated productive discussions and provided an engaging platform for colleagues to build trusting relationships and create lasting memories.

Powering a sustainable future - 2GW Programme launch

Safety took centre stage with the focus on creating the safest possible work environment for everyone involved in the programme.

"I am inspired by the impact of the TenneT 2GW Programme in shaping the energy transition landscape. This programme highlights our collective resolve to address climate change and secure a sustainable future for generations to come. By leveraging our expertise, we are driving the integration of renewable energy sources at an unprecedented scale, paving the way for a greener tomorrow. Together, we have the power to set new benchmarks for the energy industry and inspire positive change."
Francois Redeau 2GW Programme Director, Petrofac