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Optimising design to support brownfield modification project

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Brownfield modifications


Delaware Basin, USA


Reduction in pipework


Pipework removed


Reduction in valves


Savings delivered in phase I


Optimising design to minimise cost

Our client came to us to test our engineering capability on a small number of commissioning-based changes required to its existing Saltwater Disposal (SWD) unit design. 

During these modifications we identified inconsistencies in the base design package and opportunities to optimise the design to reduce materials and construction costs.

We kicked off the project in June 2019, focusing on optimising the design, working extensively with a 3D model initially, to obtain stakeholder input and buy-in to the changes we were proposing.

Value engineering delivers results

We embedded best practice from previous sites and incorporated any changes suggested by our client’s construction and technical teams. We then fully re-worked the mechanical and electrical & instrumentation engineering packages. Through this activity we:

  • Significantly improved the quality and accuracy of the 3D design model
  • Simplified the layout and applied standard, fit-for-purpose isolation philosophies
  • Ensured consistency across the deliverables from P&IDs and 3D design model through to construction drawings (isometrics, foundation drawings, plot plans, termination drawings, etc) and bill of materials / material take-offs
  • Provided 35 additional deliverables to support procurement, efficient construction, and maintenance on site
  • Solution developed with ‘standardised design’ in mind

Building for the future

We consolidated this engineering scope, delivering a comprehensive scope of work document, with associated reference package, enabling the client to undertake a meaningful competitive tender process for a future program of standardised SWD builds.

Key results of this engineering work were a 9% reduction in pipework and a 20% reduction in valves, along with the removal of several other high-cost items. 

By using repeatable materials, pre-fab enabled solutions and reducing the engineering and ‘as-builts’ for future sites, this one-off engineering cost will be covered by savings on the total installed cost from the first site alone.