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Petrofac Training Services has developed unique, operationally oriented, oil pollution emergency plans (OPEPs) that meet the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) regulatory requirements.

An OPEP is required to demonstrate an operator’s response capability for oil spills originating from all production, drilling and well intervention operations.

Prepare with Petrofac

With more than 30 years’ experience and a team of dedicated environmental response consultants, Petrofac has a proven track record in understanding industry requirements and developing bespoke solutions. Petrofac’s OPEPs focus on up-front, essential response information and provide enhanced checklists for both offshore and onshore personnel, providing for an effective, well-structured response to an incident.

We work in close partnership with both our clients and regulators, to provide a flexible service to meet client requirements, whilst ensuring the framework of the UK regulatory regime is maintained. Our strong relationship with the UK regulators allows for us to manage all aspects of plan development, compilation, distribution and the OPEP approval process.

We have a core team of personnel specifically dedicated to the compilation of oil spill response planning, which also includes developing and running oil spill response related exercises.

And, through our training business we provide a range of training courses and consultancy to help our clients prepare and respond effectively to an oil pollution emergency. This includes:

  • OPEP – Oil Pollution Emergency Plans
  • Response exercises
  • Oil spill prediction modelling
  • Response capability review and audits
  • Accredited training courses

We currently work with oil companies, drilling contractors and service companies and deliver these services globally across: UK, Brazil, Mexico, US, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Poland, Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, UAE, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Iraq, Malaysia, Thailand, Angola and Russia.

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