Aina - Geologist

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Year joined in: 2013

Position joined as: Graduate Geologist

What is your degree in?

I have a Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Petroleum Geoscience from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.

Can you tell us about your job?

My role involves developing the static model for minor reservoirs to support decisions around the development of offshore fields in Malaysia.

I cover the fault, facies and petrophysical elements of the modelling and also work closely with the reservoir engineers on their dynamic model.

Tell us about your journey through Petrofac

I started at Petrofac as an intern in 2012 before joining the graduate programme in 2013 as a Graduate Geologist. I worked primarily on the well planning for the appraisal wells offshore Peninsular Malaysia. This involved finding the best locations to drill based on the seismic and static model, the trajectory design and the logging suite.

I then worked on a greenfield project in the same field. I was tasked with finding the best location for an appraisal well to better understand the properties and productivity of the main reservoir and subsequently reduce the risk and uncertainty for future field development.

Most recently, I joined a project working on a neighbouring field for the chance to enhance my skills in static modelling. This is why I enjoy working for Petrofac – it creates opportunities for employees to develop their skill-set and careers.

What is the most exciting project you’ve been involved in so far?

I really enjoyed working on a New Field Appraisal drilling campaign. I worked as both a well-site and field geologist for two different appraisal wells. I went offshore for 22 days and had the chance to assist operations such as wireline logging and sidewall coring, which has really helped to enhance my technical knowledge, as well as my leadership skills.

I was also selected to join the Emergency Response Team where I received training on how to handle situations during a potential emergency, for example how to answer phone enquiries about an incident, what information needs to be taken, how to control your emotions when dealing with a caller. This was very different to my day-to-day job and I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone to learn new skills.

How has Petrofac supported your on-going training and development?

The graduate programme offers so many opportunities to develop your skill-set. I attended several courses to enhance my technical knowledge and gained most of my experience through on-the-job assignments under the supervision of capable mentors, many of whom have almost 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.

I’ve completed on-site visits and training so that I’m familiar with offshore environments and understand drilling operations.

Petrofac also encourages employees to participate in soft-skills training, such as report writing and presentation skills courses.

I’ve been involved in various projects, from well planning to static modelling, contracting, economics, facilities and drilling, and I know there are even more exciting projects ahead of me.

What would you say to someone considering joining Petrofac?

The best thing about Petrofac is that you get to do different types of work, no matter what your background is, and this helps you develop your career and achieve your potential.

I would say to all fresh graduates out there that this is the programme you need to be on to start your career. I have enjoyed every moment of being part of it.