Contributing to meaningful work from the very start

Exciting, challenging, and rewarding; starting your first role after university is an experience unlike many others. This year, Petrofac recruited graduates globally who are quickly and positively impacting our teams.

Ernestina, who joined our Aberdeen-based Wells team in late 2023, tells us how she's managed the transition, what it's been like to work as a graduate at Petrofac and what the future holds for her.

Ernestina has made a significant impact since joining the Wells team as a graduate

Ernestina, how have you been settling in at Petrofac?

It has been great so far. I have had lots of help along the way, and I could ask many questions from everyone, not just my team. The graduate induction was great at getting us acquainted with each other as graduates and with the company and some senior managers. And it was just all-around fun getting to know everyone!

What attracted you to working at Petrofac as a graduate?

The variety of projects and clients Petrofac exposes me to attracted me to the role. The structure of the graduate programme and its vision in preparing the future generation for roles in energy is one thing that made me sure that I would enjoy being a part of the team.

Also, the opportunity to begin my career in a company that values respect, openness, efficiency, and safety attracted me to it, knowing that I would be contributing to meaningful work, even in a small way.

What has been the highlight so far?

I have two highlights: access to senior executives in my department and the free usage of the gym we have at the Aberdeen office. I am not scared or shy of asking questions or seeking help from anyone within the department, which can sometimes be daunting for a recent graduate.

It is nice to know that I matter here.

Also, imagine my delight when I learned that the gym is free to use, super convenient and well-equipped for every staff member. I love it!

What does the future hold for you?

Being here at Petrofac, I know that I will excel in my chosen field of interest and will continue to add value professionally and personally to myself and the company. I want to travel the world to work, learn, and grow, and I want to rise through the ranks and significantly impact the business and the world at large.

What would you say to graduates who would like to join Petrofac?

Petrofac is an excellent choice; you will love it. Put in the application and be yourself throughout the process. Take it one step at a time and know you have made a good decision.