Enabling better delivery through our digital solutions

Four decades of know-how across engineering, construction and asset operations, combined with cutting-edge technology and collaboration with technology leaders, is helping our clients:

Our digital philosophy

We focus on the value and outcomes we can achieve for you. Our innate industry knowledge and experience have enabled us to create a toolkit of solutions to create more efficient projects.

Our approach to adopting digital technology focuses on achieving value by transforming services to deliver material benefits to our clients and doing so in a safe, value-creating, and intelligent way.

Solving your problems with the right digital solutions

Our real-world experience and data-backed insights mean we know the critical problems you face in delivering, managing, operating and executing projects. Petrofac's toolkit of digital solutions makes your team rethink efficiency and offers a better way of working.

Engineering in the Cloud

We utilise cloud-based engineering solutions that provide ready access for our operations and engineering personnel to state-of-the-art solutions and enable collaboration across dispersed geographies enabling:

  • Standardisation and consistent delivery
  • Cost-effective and timely delivery
  • Ready access to ‘best in class’ engineering tools
Materials Management

Effective and integrated materials management across the lifecycle means:

  • Procurement and material tracking through delivery
  • Lower total project and installed costs by reducing labour hours and eliminating material shortages and surpluses
  • Engineering integration with vendors, suppliers, sub-contractors, partners and clients
  • Allows effective management of materials milestones, which adds value by automatic notification of missed or delayed critical events
  • Knowledge of material shipments well in advance of release from the suppliers allows for better planning and allocation of resources (labour and equipment)
Predictive Insights

The adoption of digital approaches has provided us with a wealth of data with which we drive benefits for our clients through improved safety, integrity and quality of service, reduced costs and improved uptime.

  • Acting on predictive insights avoids failures, downtime, waste and inefficiencies
  • Provides real-time project and asset health status
  • Live insights offer new ways to control, coordinate and collaborate; supporting speed to action
  • Increased visibility of emissions and energy usage, driving greater understanding, ownership and action to reduce emissions in support of net-zero goals
Connected Delivery

Connected delivery sees us deploying complementary digital solutions that enable highly efficient work practices, transforming our work execution, reporting, analytics and risk management. Adopting this approach across our service delivery including EPC, Brownfield Modifications, Operations & Maintenance and Decommissioning we have been able to deliver:

  • Enhanced productivity - up to 500% improvement in site productivity compared to traditional approaches
  • Improved asset uptime
  • Reduced operating and project costs
  • Elimination of duplication
  • Reduced manual effort and emissions
  • Remote expert intervention
  • Reduced need for third-party deployment offshore
  • Improved safety of personnel and response to incidents
Digital Mobilisation

PetrofacGo, our workforce management app, increases efficiencies while reducing the time and costs involved in recruiting and mobilising personnel offshore as part of our labour supply service.

Our 24/7 Delivery Hub team can quickly push mobilisation details, updates, and communications direct to mobile devices, enabling personnel to access flight and hotel details and safety messages and search and apply for job roles at the touch of a button.

Our connected workforce means:

  • Faster, direct communications between on and offshore teams
  • Shorter mobilisation lead times and reduced costs
  • Reduced administration burden on onshore support teams
  • Better offshore mobilisation experience
  • Efficient recruitment and onboarding of personnel
Digital Twin

Using digital twin solutions we are able to bring the asset to the desk of the engineer enabling:

  • Remote familiarisation with the asset
  • Improved planning for operations, maintenance, integrity, construction and decommissioning
  • Contextualisation of a variety of asset data and information with the actual facility
  • Reduced requirement for offshore surveys
  • Access to dimensionally accurate data to support design and modifications
  • Remote visual inspection and characterisation of defects
  • 4D planning and schedule optimisation
Automated Delivery

Through the digitalisation and automation of our business processes and repetitive activities we deliver:

  • Standardisation of delivery
  • Improved consistency and quality of outcomes
  • Traceability of activities
  • Improved productivity and reduced cost

Our digital solutions in action

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