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16 November 2017

Petrofac hosts annual HSSEIA conference

Petrofac’s Group Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Integrity Assurance (HSSEIA) function recently held its annual HSSEIA conference in Dubai.

70 members of senior management from across the business attended the event with the aim of assessing how effectively the actions that were agreed after last year's event have been put into place in 2017, and to set new objectives for 2018.

The event centred on feedback from deep-dive workshops that were held across sites, offices and business units this year, where colleagues at all levels and in all functions were invited to share safety feedback.

Petrofac’s Group Head of HSSEIA Brent Pasula opened the conference and encouraged leadership at every level to actively engage with our workforce to ensure they understand the tasks they’re performing and fully understand the associated risks.

He said of the event: “The purpose of the conference was to reflect on the major HSSEIA risks to our business and discuss how we can best mitigate these risks as we move towards our ultimate goal of Horizon Zero. We’ve worked 193 million man-hours this year to date across the Group and although our HSSEIA performance over the past year has been good, we must not be complacent.”

The conference included presentations from function and business unit leaders on the findings that arose from their respective deep-dives as well as workshop exercises around the emerging themes and challenges. There may have been lively discussion and debate, but everyone at the conference was united in one common goal: to keep every Petrofac person safe, and to strengthen our HSSEIA culture by sharing lessons and experiences across projects.

Group Chief Executive Ayman Asfari closed the conference by emphasising the importance of events such as these: “They are extremely meaningful exercises. Exploring the feedback gleaned from the deep-dives and engaging a larger, cross-functional audience will be instrumental to ensuring our HSSEIA strategy works within the business. It’s only by identifying, examining and highlighting the risks we face that we will be able to effectively address and manage them, and we must always remember never to take safety for granted.”

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