Our safety strategy

Safety – a core value

We’re committed to a future where we have zero safety incidents, as reflected in the name of our Horizon Zero global safety campaign.  

With a significant increase in the number of man-hours worked across our projects, we are taking steps to maintain our safety performance – and we continue to enhance our well-established programme of health, safety, security, environment and integrity assurance (HSSEIA) measures. We also continue to refine our programmes and review our key performance indicators across all of our operations.

Horizon Zero

Horizon Zero is our internal safety campaign, designed to help our teams eliminate the potential for incidents to occur on site or in the office.

Horizon Zero encourages each employee, and those we work alongside, to: 

  • Recognise hazards and reduce risk by identifying, understanding and dealing with them
  • Take personal ownership for safety by demonstrating personal commitment and competence throughout the organisation
  • Assure asset integrity by maintaining assets in a safe, reliable and efficient condition

We will achieve these objectives through leadership, communication, and co-operation.

Strengthening our safety culture

2016 was a year of change for Petrofac, including a Group restructure and a significant increase in the total number of man-hours worked at our projects. We took actions to ensure that we maintain a strong safety culture throughout this period of change.

We have:

  • Continued to roll out our Golden Rules of Safety e-learning package, which is available to all staff and makes the rules more accessible and understandable to all on-site staff, irrespective of their native language or literacy level. By the end of 2016, more than 19,000 people had completed the course, and a further 24,000 had been through its first phase
  • Introduced a new Safety by Design initiative, which involved our technical services teams reviewing how their design and engineering concepts could help to minimise safety risks during a project’s construction phase. This has led to several improvements to the way that our projects are now designed and built
  • Developed a new initiative for people who have recently begun working on site (Short Service Employees) – enabling colleagues to immediately recognise that they may not be fully familiar with safety procedures and encouraging them to look out for their welfare

Read our Health and Safety policy

We always put the safety of our people first

Golden rules of safety

Our Golden Rules set out our minimum expectations to control the risk of serious injury from common activities