New energies

We have a growing track record in supporting new energies projects across a wide range of different technologies.

While hydrocarbons will continue to satisfy a majority of energy demand, renewable energy sources are expected to grow rapidly over the next two decades. We are already deploying our engineering and project management skills in support of new energy infrastructure projects, and have the right skills and experience to capitalise on the growing investment in this market and to support our clients right across the asset lifecycle. New energy projects accounted for 22% of our intake for 2020. This continues to grow strongly in 2021, where we have secured significant contracts covering Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), blue and green hydrogen, and waste-to-value.

Our capabilities span the life of an asset and we are technology neutral, allowing us to support clients in their technology selection, design their facilities and then move seamlessly into the construction of the asset and support it’s start up, operations, and ongoing maintenance. This unique range of offering creates a virtuous feedback cycle, allowing our design teams to learn from the operations and constructions teams to ensure assets are optimally designed for delivery throughout their life.

Partnering for long-term success

Petrofac is currently partnering with Storegga Geotechnologies through a Technical Delivery Alliance to support the technical development and management of Storegga’s low carbon initiatives, along with other complementary projects across direct air capture (DAC), CCUS and blue hydrogen. And we are actively engaging with other developers and technology providers to create new partnering relationships which give us long term visibility of projects and preferred access to them.

By leveraging the expertise and lessons learned over several decades designing and executing complex hydrocarbon projects, we are continuing to build our track record in major new energies markets.

Offshore wind

We have been building a successful track record in the engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of offshore wind transmission stations for more than a decade. We have delivered projects for both HVDC and HVAC offshore and onshore substations for major offshore wind farms across several of Europe’s leading developments.

As a Tier One asset operator in the oil and gas sector, we have more than 30 years’ experience in operational delivery. By deploying our life-of-field operations and maintenance services in support of the offshore wind sector, we are perfectly positioned to help our clients enhance the integrity of their assets, improve operational performance and reduce costs.

Visit our dedicated Offshore wind page to find out more.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)

We are deploying our expertise in gas processing, transport and storage, and our brownfield EPC and well plug and abandonment capabilities to support the early development and definition of large-scale CCUS projects associated with the UK’s CCUS clusters, as well as other carbon capture projects in Europe. These projects are mainly for concept engineering through to FEED and project management scopes, where we draw on our life-of-asset expertise to enhance our solutions and give surety to future delivery phases. By being technology-neutral, we have experience integrating a variety of technologies into our designs to ensure we deliver the best value and optimised technical solutions for our clients.


We are combining our expertise in delivering grey hydrogen scopes as part of our refinery projects, with our growing track record in delivering complex CO2 removal scopes to support large-scale blue hydrogen opportunities. This, combined with our experience with power systems for offshore wind projects, also enables us to support both large- and small-scale green hydrogen projects.

Find out more about different types of hydrogen here.


Our EPC experience, process knowledge and petrochemical design skills equip us well to support waste-to-value projects that transform waste feedstocks into valuable products, including bio fuels and sustainable aviation fuels.

Emissions reduction

We deploy digital technology and value engineering to help our clients across oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals to reduce the emissions intensity of their assets. We also look for opportunities to reduce and monetise flared gas as well as how we can electrify assets to displace the use of gas or diesel use, be that through the deployment of solar PV for onshore assets or how we can connect offshore assets to the grid, or other renewable energy sources.

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