Connected working - digital inspection and maintenance

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Achieve smarter, faster results, for less.

We’re combining Digital Twin, mobile technologies and our proprietary software, BuildME™, to digitalise all forms of maintenance and inspection:

  • Enhancing productivity
  • Reducing operating and project costs
  • Improving asset uptime
  • Eliminating duplication
  • Reducing manual effort

By digitalising the way we plan, execute and report, our Connected Workers are achieving up to 200% improvement in efficiency compared to traditional approaches.

Using data driven technologies to streamline our processes

Digitising the way we plan, execute and report is delivering smarter, faster results for less:

  • Planning - We use Digital Twin to scope and group work and Digital Workflow to digitalise our work packs.
  • Execution – Our RealWear headsets and digitalised work packs with voice-controlled computers allow inspection personnel to capture data, share information and access your CMMS and advice from SMEs - all in real-time. This reduces time, improves accuracy, and lowers costs.
  • Reporting - Our proprietary software, BuildME automates the reporting process, providing instant access to visual, customisable data driven dashboards. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators can be quickly and easily analysed.

This approach can be applied across a wide range of workflows, including inspections, maintenance, operations, quality and HSE, which we tailor to suit our clients’ needs.

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200% improvement in offshore productivity

1,600+ digital North Sea inspections