Petrofac News 1700X397
28 August 2011

UAE employees donate generously to humanitarian efforts

In the wake of the Somali crisis, Petrofac employees from locations around the United Arab Emirates combined forces and raised more than US$88,000 – the largest collection ever raised under its PETROcare initiative.

Senior representatives of the Red Crescent visited the Sharjah office to receive the donation which will be used to support the ongoing humanitarian and aid programme for victims of the famine. Somalia is experiencing its worst drought in 60 years with hundreds of thousands of people suffering. Fortunately, the ‘world’ is responsive in the wake of natural disasters and our employees have demonstrated extraordinary compassion and support to this one. Such generosity is by no means unique with ’PETROcare’ having supported victims of the Haiti and Indonesia earthquakes, typhoons in the Philippines and flood victims in Pakistan to name just a small number.

Not quite on the scale of the Somali crisis and much closer to home, during Ramadan Petrofac sponsored Action Care’s English Live programme. Petrofac’s employees also volunteered their time generously to the workshops, run for children between the ages of 6 and 12 and teenagers aged 13 to 17. The programme focused on strengthening students’ foundational English conversation skills, introducing and practising effective communication strategies, and boosting students’ personal confidence and motivation to study English. English Live instructors, Petrofac volunteers and students alike enjoyed the high-energy atmosphere, and instructors and volunteers watched the students grow in confidence and motivation as they explored English communication through role-play, public-speaking exercises, story-writing and games.

Action Care is based in the UAE, supporting a diverse range of educational development and aid projects both in the UAE and throughout the region which aligns perfectly with Petrofac’s CSR objectives.