Petrofac News 1700X397
21 February 2019

Transforming HSE culture

George Salibi, Chief Operating Officer – Engineering & Construction, this week highlighted the importance of effective and open leadership in achieving safety goals and maintaining safety performance.

Speaking at the opening day of Kuwait International Health, Safety, Security and Environment (KIHSSE) Conference and Exhibition, George gave a keynote address which focused on transforming HSE culture for a resilient future.

The event was organised by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation to bring together the peers of Health, Safety, Security and Environment under one roof.

Commenting on the event, George said: “Participating in industry events such as KIHSSE and sharing knowledge with peers is essential to ensure we all strive to achieve greater safety during operations. At Petrofac we are committed to Horizon Zero; a future with no incidents.

“Focusing on our aspiration, it is important that we demonstrate ownership and accountability for safety at all levels and ensure that complacency does not set in when our safety indicators are performing well. Overarching everything, I believe that effective communication is vital as it can avert incidents, and this begins through leadership promoting an open culture.”