Petrofac News 1700X397
16 February 2011

SPD Launches WellAtlas®

SPD, part of Petrofac Production Solutions, is pleased to announce the release of WellAtlas®, its innovative new project management software for the oil & gas sector.

WellAtlas® has been designed and developed by a team of engineers and software developers in conjunction with SPD’s well engineering and well construction teams. The product will enhance SPD’s existing business line as well as being available for purchase by operators.

The software integrates a robust project delivery process with related policies, procedures, guidelines and workflows, ensuring that users are guided through the planning, execution and evaluation phases of a project with a full complement of references to ensure completeness of delivery. Users are able to access an array of industry best practice sources and external references to ensure that the most up-to-date material is available.

In addition, WellAtlas® comprises a management overview of projects together with an auditable trail for the entire process, incorporating: a key date tracker, checklists, risk registers, an action tracker and lessons learned from the past to ensure that projects are completed in the most efficient manner.

Designed as a modular product WellAtlas® can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements across all areas of the oil & gas community. By adopting WellAtlas® as the project delivery tool of choice, customers can ensure that each project within their own organisation is conducted using consistent and current policies and practices enabling projects to be delivered in a timely, consistent and cost effective manner.

Mark Gillard, product development manager, SPD, commented: “In the current climate of increased demand on quality, compliance and auditable delivery, WellAtlas® provides SPD and our customers with a robust and easy-to-manage solution to ensure that future projects are planned and executed to a standard that exceeds this requirement.”

Alex Macdonald, managing director, SPD, added: “We are delighted to be launching WellAtlas® as part of our well management programme for 2011. The product provides clear direction, control and relevant information in a fast paced, multi-disciplined project environment, enabling SPD to satisfy a range of customers’ requirements in one integrated solution.”