Petrofac News 1700X397
04 March 2014

Sajaa Gas Plant celebrates 7 years and 7 million-man hours LTI free

The Sajaa Gas plant which is managed by SNOC as Operator and PETROFAC as Duty Dolder has proudly achieved the momentous milestone of 7 years and 7 million-man hours without a single lost time incident (LTI) – an achievement made possible by a consistently high level of safety performance, and the team’s drive to improve and implement safety and integrity campaigns.

A number of asset integrity related upgrade and rehabilitation projects have taken place since Petrofac Offshore Projects & Operations (OPO) became Duty Holder in 2010 and SNOC became Operator; these projects can produce on average 500 permits per month, comprising low to high risk, so a great degree of diligence is required to ensure no tasks or activities are performed without passing the appropriate risk assessment.

Additionally, a strong safety culture is very much present and personal commitment to safety is continually demonstrated. Everyone is responsible in stopping unsafe behaviours and the absence of a blame culture reinforces and encourages safety intervention.

Competency assurance has also played a key role. In 2013, excellent competency levels were achieved - between 98 – 100%. Employee training is viewed as essential to safe operations, with various technical and safety training courses frequently provided to make personnel aware or refreshed on standards and operational requirements.

Mani Rajapathy, SVP MENA, OPO said: “This significant milestone has been achieved through sustained vigilance in our safety performance and the management of key safety processes and integrity risks.  More importantly, through the outstanding and high level of personal commitment that is consistently demonstrated by the Sajaa Gas Plant team in achieving our safety goals. I look forward to this continuing and to reaching the next safety milestone.”

The Sajaa gas plant has been named ‘best operating asset overall’ two years running by Petrofac Group auditors. The plant is not only an important source of export of revenue for the Emirate but it is strategically important in providing a large percentage of the fuel gas for the local power utility stations in Sharjah.