Petrofac News 1700X397
28 June 2011

'Rising star' acknowledged at Academy Institute Award ceremony

Sami Hassouneh, process engineer, Engineering Services, was named as Petrofac’s ‘rising star’ at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Awards dinner in London in June and was invited on stage to receive a certificate and trophy.

Hassouneh was selected as the winner based on the award criteria which were aimed at an early-career employee who has made an exceptional engineering contribution to Petrofac within the last 12 months.

Based in Petrofac’s Sharjah office, Hassouneh has demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial thinking having taken the responsibility of setting up a Flow Assurance group within the process department in Sharjah. Consisting originally of himself alone, Sami took the initiative of providing internal training to the process engineers in his department to familiarise them with Flow Assurance.

To date Hassouneh has trained more than 30 engineers and is conducting monthly training sessions; with the aim of providing introductory training to all process engineers in Sharjah and other satellite offices.

Within two years of Sami’s efforts the Flow Assurance capacity has been transformed. The benefits have been significant, including risk reduction, considerable cost savings and improvements to project schedules through the provision of these studies in-house. This has enabled Petrofac to perform an unlimited amount of studies at a very low cost and therefore ensure the technical integrity of design, enhancing the Company’s service offering to customers.