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13 July 2015

Petrofac Training Services guides P2D through competency assurance

Petrofac Training Services (PTS) has completed work around the competency assurance process of Aberdeen-based P2D, a provider of pipeline and pigging support management services to the international oil and gas industry.

The process undertaken confirmed that P2D’s onshore and offshore workforce had the necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs both safely and effectively.

Fereydon Rezapour, HSEQ Advisor at P2D, said: “Our aim was to have a robust competency assurance system, demonstrating to clients and regulators that we have a competent workforce, working to the highest industry standards and levels of safety.

“Following the design, development and delivery of our bespoke system by PTS, I am now confident, especially in light of favourable external audits recently, that we have one of the best competency management systems in our business sector.”

PTS is currently conducting competency assurance ‘health checks’ in the workplace as a means of looking at a company’s existing Competency Management System (CMS), if any, and identifying where efficiencies can be made.

PTS’ Regional Manager for Response Services and Major Emergency Management, Peter Walker, said: “We are currently experiencing testing times across the industry as a whole so equipping the workforce to be as high value as it can be is more important than ever. An effective CMS is invaluable - it not only protects a company’s reputation, within what we know is already a highly regulated industry, but it ensures employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their job safely and effectively.

“Our health check is there for companies with differing degrees of competency management in place and, if needed, we can advise on the best options going forward, based on their own individual business needs and challenges rather than utilising an off the shelf solution.

“We do find that competency management systems vary massively from company to company so we hope to raise overall standards by running these vital checks. P2D is the perfect example of a company acknowledging its competency practices and reaping the benefits as a result.”

The ‘health check’ is supported by PTS’ own Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)/Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) Approved Centre where assessor and verifier training is conducted, equipping companies with the skills to assure themselves.

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P2D's Fereydon Rezapour with Petrofac Training's Ian Barton