Petrofac News 1700X397
07 August 2006

Petrofac to Provide Turnkey Facilities Management for Dubai's Offshore Oil & Gas Assets

Petrofac, the international oil & gas facilities service provider, will take over responsibility for well and facilities management of Dubai’s offshore oil and gas assets on behalf of Dubai Petroleum Establishment (“DPE”) under a new contract which becomes effective today. DPE is a new entity wholly owned by the government of Dubai.

Following completion of a transition process, which will effectively commence immediately and during which Petrofac, the Government and DPE will work in close collaboration with outgoing concession-holders Dubai Petroleum Company, Petrofac will be responsible as Facilities Manager and Safety Case Holder for production and well management operations on the Dubai offshore assets.  Operating in a “one team” culture alongside the development planning and reservoir management teams of DPE, Petrofac will employ the offshore staff and the onshore operations support group.  Petrofac’s full responsibility for these operations will commence in early April 2007 and the contract has no time limit.

The Dubai offshore assets comprise four offshore oil fields with around 70 platforms, and around 1,100 personnel are currently involved in running the operation. These staff will be employed by Petrofac from April 2007.

The new contract becomes a key part of Petrofac’s established and expanding portfolio of managed facilities.  In the UK sector of the North Sea, Petrofac manages on a turnkey basis: the Heather & Thistle platforms; the Northern Producer (Galley field); and the Kittiwake, Hewett and Bacton Terminal facilities. Petrofac also supports the operation of around 20 other fields in the North Sea for a number of clients, bringing a wealth of experience to these successful operations, as well as supporting the operations of national and international oil companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Rob Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Petrofac’s Operations Services division, noted: “This significant international award is an important demonstration of the potential to leverage Petrofac’s experience from operating across many assets in the UK sector of the North Sea.  Petrofac is proud that its outstanding record as a contract service operator has been recognised by DPE and we look forward to serving this important new customer.”

Ayman Asfari, Petrofac’s Group Chief Executive, said: “This ground-breaking contract with Dubai Petroleum Establishment represents the first time a national government entity has chosen to exploit its hydrocarbon resources through direct contracting with an international service provider and we believe DPE’s choice represents the leading edge of an emerging trend.

“This contract award supports Petrofac’s aim to be the global oil & gas industry’s premier facilities and infrastructure provider.”