Petrofac News 1700X397
24 January 2019

Petrofac to establish global workforce forum

Petrofac Ltd (“Petrofac” or “the Company”) announces that it is establishing a global workforce forum.

The Petrofac Workforce Forum (“the Forum”) will comprise an elected body of 12 employees drawn from Petrofac’s global workforce of 12,750, with representatives from across the Group’s major geographies of operation.

It will allow elected members to engage directly with senior management and Board members on a number of key topics. The Forum will be asked to provide input on key matters including the Group’s vision; culture and values; diversity; talent management and development; employee engagement; workplace conditions; innovation; digital development; operating model; corporate responsibility and business opportunities.

The Forum will enable Petrofac’s Board and senior management to better understand the views and perspective of the Company’s workforce and to take them into consideration during Board and executive management’s discussions and decision-making.

Petrofac’s Chairman René Médori and Group Chief Executive Ayman Asfari said: “As a Board and management team we believe that bringing the views and ideas of our people directly into the Boardroom will be a very positive step in workforce engagement that will provide a direct line between the Board and our employees. Our fellow Non-executive Directors look forward to meeting the elected members and hearing their ideas and views on how we can continue to position the Company for a strong and sustainable long-term future.”