Petrofac News 1700X397
01 May 2005

Petrofac Service Operator for Lundin

Petrofac, the oil & gas facilities Service Operator, has taken over responsibility for the management of the Thistle and Heather platforms for Lundin Britain Limited (Lundin Britain) as the appointed Duty Holder effective 1 May 2005.

As previously announced Lundin Britain as licence operator for the Heather, Thistle and Broom fields, entered into an alliance with Petrofac, the independent Service Operator, to manage these facilities. The contract, worth in excess of $250m, is for the life of field.

Petrofac has completed a transition process, and is now responsible, as Facilities Manager and Safety Case Holder, for the fields’ production and maintenance operations. Petrofac has employed the majority of the former Lundin offshore production and maintenance staff, and the onshore operations support group. One hundred and sixty offshore and onshore permanent jobs have been created within Petrofac in support of the Heather and Thistle operations. A number of the existing onshore staff have also been retained by Lundin. Other Lundin staff have joined Petrofac in positions not connected with the Heather and Thistle operation.

The Thistle and Heather platforms are now part of Petrofac’s established portfolio of managed facilities in the UK sector of the North Sea.  The company also manages the Northern Producer (Galley field), Montrose, Arbroath, Kittiwake, Hewett and Bacton Terminal facilities. Petrofac also supports the operation of around 20 other fields in the North Sea for a number of clients, bringing a wealth of experience to these successful operations.

John Methven, director of the operations management division within Petrofac said,” In conjunction with our clients we continue to challenge the traditional paradigms as to how offshore operations are conducted. Petrofac focuses on safe, reliable and cost optimised operations which add value for our clients, bring maximum potential from these mature assets and extend field life to the benefit of all parties including Petrofac’s employees and the Aberdeen economy.