Petrofac News 1700X397
29 March 2018

Petrofac secures contract with Petroleum Development Oman

Petrofac has been awarded a contract worth US$265million for the development of the Marmul Polymer Phase 3 (MPP3) Project in southern Oman. This is the first award to be secured under a 10-year Framework Agreement with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) signed in 2017, which enables Petrofac to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EP+Cm) Support Services for PDO’s major oil and gas projects.

The award of the MPP3 project builds on Petrofac’s existing track record of EP+Cm support contract delivery for the Rabab Harweel Integrated Project and Yibal Khuff Project on behalf of PDO and further consolidates the effectiveness of its EPCm business unit in aligning to client needs through tailored delivery models. It is the latest in a series of awards for Petrofac in Oman, where the Group has been operating for more than three decades, delivering projects and services on both a lump-sum and reimbursable basis.

The scope of MPP3 involves Engineering, Procurement and Construction support for the extension of off-plot and on-plot production facilities associated with around 500 producing and 75 injector wells. In line with its commitment to further increasing in-country value, Petrofac will undertake the engineering, procurement and project management activities from its Muscat office, which will be expanded to support the needs of the MPP3 project.

Roberto Bertocco, Managing Director, EPCm for Petrofac said: “We are delighted to have been awarded our first project within the framework agreement with PDO. This not only builds on our collective achievements and track record for EP+Cm support service delivery, but also paves the way for future success through the transfer of key people, skills and experience in our Muscat office.

“Our priorities are to mobilise our teams quickly and to ensure MPP3 is delivered with a focus on technical quality, on time and within budget. We have returned significant value to PDO through our previous project execution and we intend to take the same approach to delivery with MPP3.”

Said Al-Maktoomi, Frame Agreement Contract Holder, PDO, said: “MPP3 is a key project for PDO. Upon completion it will significantly expand our Enhanced Oil Recovery programme for heavy crude. Petrofac has already demonstrated its effectiveness as a partner to PDO and our teams will continue to work with shared goals and true collaboration as we move forward.”