Petrofac News 1700X397
06 June 2016

Petrofac Mexico shares knowledge with the engineers of tomorrow

University students have been finding out about the oil and gas industry first hand from graduates at Petrofac Mexico.

Our Mexican operation has been been running the ‘‘Adding Knowledge’ initiative internally since 2015. The campaign gives colleagues the opportunity to present to their peers or students from local universities on their chosen specialist topic – be it tax or geology.

However the campaign has proved such a hit that the graduates have now taken it external to the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Tabasco.

Petrophysicists Ozmar Hermandez and Yaritza Larez talked to 90 petroleum engineering students about basic well log interpretation and its application in  the oil and gas industry, and showed them how the theory they are learning at university is put into practice in the field.

Rebeca Rodríguez, Petrofac HR Manager, said:

‘These types of events allow students the opportunity to learn more about the industry and to share their experiences, so when they finally start working at a company they are well-prepared and get a head start.

‘We believe that it’s important to collaborate with universities to build relationships with the local communities, and to inspire the next generation of talented engineers.’