Petrofac News 1700X397
24 February 2010

Petrofac Ensures Safety of Museum's Crew

Petrofac Training Services, the leading provider of competence-led training solutions to the international energy industries, has provided training in ‘Personal Survival Techniques’ to 14 volunteers from the Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust, saving the charity around £2,000.

The Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust’s Boats Club both crews and maintains an old herring fishing vessel, the Reaper, which has been transformed into a mobile museum. The Reaper travels around the coast of Scotland and the North East of England stopping off to invite the public aboard to view and explore the museum and to learn about the history of the fishing industry.

The one-day Personal Survival Techniques training - also known as basic sea survival training - was undertaken at Petrofac’s survival training facility in Aberdeen. The training has provided the Reaper crew members with the essential basic knowledge and experience of personal survival principles and techniques, including increased understanding of the safety procedures and compulsory equipment on board the vessel, all of which can be applied to maximise chances of survival in the event of an emergency at sea.

Jim Main, the Boats Club chairman, commented: “We are very grateful to Petrofac for their support and would like to thank them for providing this essential training. The crew found it to be an informative yet challenging experience. It concentrated the mind wonderfully and has provided us with a beneficial insight into the use of the safety equipment we have on board should we need to use it. Although we carry a liferaft on board we had never seen it inflated, let alone practiced using it.”

Gordon Caird, regional director for Training Services’ Europe operations, added: “We are delighted to support the Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust by ensuring they have the appropriate training to continue their educational work around Scotland and the North East of England safely.”