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05 May 2017

Petrofac colleagues reduce carbon emissions in support of annual environmental campaign

Every year, Petrofac devotes a month to raising employees’ eco-awareness, sharing green tips, and making positive and lasting environmentally-friendly changes at work and at home.

2017 marked our 10th Environment Month and this year the focus was on reducing our carbon emissions.

We ran a host of activities and campaigns in April to show our employees how they can reduce their carbon footprint by making small changes in their day-to-day life. This included sharing practical tips, holding quizzes, competitions and eco-idea brainstorming sessions.

Many of our colleagues also organised their own events and initiatives to raise awareness about the campaign.


At one of our projects in central Oman, colleagues planted five local species of trees – to add to the 1560 trees Petrofac has planted so far over the two years we’ve been at the site. These trees help minimise soil and wind erosion and also act as a sand-screening around the camp, creating a better living environment for the staff that live in the camp.

The team performed a clean-up of the site and the surrounding desert, ridding the area of rubbish that otherwise would have been harmful to the environment.

They also held an environmental spill response exercise with onsite training for one of the main subcontractors. This was designed to enhance their response in the event of an environmental incident.


Our project site teams in Kuwait held a variety of activities in support of Environment Month, including:

  • Taking part in a desert clean up
  • Monitoring air quality in a nearby farm area
  • Holding a noise pollution survey in a shed construction area
  • Planting more than 110 trees

Saudi Arabia

On one of our project locations, colleagues held classroom and onsite awareness sessions for drivers to explain the harm to the environment of running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle is not in motion.

At a project in the East of the Kingdom, our Environment Month ambassadors were determined to reduce the use of disposable paper cups and plastic water bottles. They designed project-specific mugs which workers can reuse instead of throwing them away. They also distributed reusable water flasks to staff in preparation for the hot season.


The Environment team at one of our offshore projects arranged for lights in the Petrofac offices to be switched off during lunch break hours. Implementing this in the offices across the four islands would save a total of around 4523.76 litres of diesel a month.


Our India offices ran a number of initiatives including:

  • Introducing a waste paper recycling system
  • Holding a tree planting drive
  • Encouraging the use of ceramic cups instead of paper cups
  • Replacing CFL lamp fittings with LED lamp fittings, significantly reducing the use of electricity
  • Creating a carpooling system, saving 2492 kg of carbon emissions

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