Petrofac News 1700X397
10 February 2022

Petrofac and Protium to explore use of green hydrogen at Quorn's UK production facility

Petrofac, a leading international service provider to the energy industry, and its consortium partner Protium are exploring the deployment of green hydrogen technology for the meat-free manufacturer, Quorn.

Petrofac is supporting the project as part of its strategic alliance with Protium, the UK-based green hydrogen energy services company. Petrofac will deploy its process engineering skills to explore the feasibility of using green hydrogen as an alternative energy supply for Quorn’s production facility and support Quorn in accelerating its ambitious decarbonisation plans.

The UK food and drink sector account for 35% of the UK’s total CO2 output, and green hydrogen presents a significant opportunity to revolutionise industrial processes that use process heat. The team will assess how the introduction of dual-fuel boilers (combusting both hydrogen and natural gas blend) can meet Quorn’s expanding production capacity. Petrofac is also working with Protium to explore the feasibility of supplying green hydrogen via a pipeline as part of Protium’s recently announced green hydrogen project in Teesside.

Jon Carpenter, Petrofac's Vice President, New Energy Services, added:

 “We’re looking forward to collaborating with the teams at Protium and Quorn and deploying our engineering expertise to define the potential for using green hydrogen in Quorn’s production processes. The project could unlock a game-changing solution for decarbonising Quorn’s manufacturing process – one that could benefit the food and drink sector as a whole.”

The project could serve as a blueprint for other manufacturing companies looking to decarbonise their manufacturing processes, not only in the vegan protein space but across the broader food and beverage manufacturing sector.

This project builds on the growing portfolio of developments Petrofac and Protium are exploring as part of their alliance.