Petrofac News 1700X397
27 June 2013

Our new headquarters in Iraq is unveiled

In 2009 Petrofac had a handful of employees in Iraq. Now there is more than 400 staff going in and out of the country on a regular basis, engaged in a range of projects worth more than US$1 billion.

Our successes in projects such as the Rumaila and Majnoon oil fields have led to the construction of a secure and permanent location, the Rumaila Operating Base. The new Iraq headquarters, which offers both accommodation and office space, opened in April 2013.

Karim Osseiran, Iraq General Manager, commented on the new operating base, “Securing a permanent and secure facility for our staff to work from has been very important. It gives us a stable platform from which to deliver. Accordingly, a decision was made to invest around US$20 million in setting up a new base in the strategically located North Rumaila area.”

The new headquarter facilities include:

  • office space
  • training rooms
  • accommodation for more than 150 people
  • clinic
  • canteen
  • gym
  • tennis court
  • prayer building

“We are in Iraq for the long term, and not just on a project basis,” says Karim. “The permanence of our Rumaila Operating Base reinforces our commitment, but also gives our employees somewhere safe and comfortable to live.”

A second phase is also planned to include more accommodation and increased office and training space. This is partly to help satisfy Petrofac’s aim of training as well as hiring as many Iraqi locals as possible.