Petrofac News 1700X397
14 January 2012

New managing director, Engineering & Consulting Services

After heading up Petrofac’s Engineering Services (now Engineering & Consulting Services) business since 2009, managing director Rajesh Verma is moving into a new role to join the corporate and strategy development group led by president, Maroun Semaan.

Verma joined Petrofac in 1992 as a regional director and has held a number of senior positions over the last 20 years, not least, holding 15 directorships over a variety of Petrofac’s legal entities. In his new role, as an ambassador and champion for strategic initiatives, Verma will focus predominantly on our ongoing corporate development programmes. With his extensive experience in the Company and this area, including acting recently as a senior mentor for graduates within Petrofac’s ‘future generation programme’, he is ideally placed to support Petrofac’s strategic aspirations in this area.

Verma commented on his new role: “The last 20 years have been an amazing journey as we have developed the business. I have had the opportunity to hold a number of senior and varied roles, each with a different strategic emphasis. 2012 heralds new beginnings and new challenges for all of us as we strive to reach our objectives. I am tremendously excited about the programme we have in place for 2012 and confident that we can really make a difference.”

Craig Muir will join Petrofac in February and succeed Rajesh Verma as managing director for our Engineering & Consulting Services business.

With 25 years of international industry experience Muir, who will be based in the Sharjah office, brings a wealth of operational and business experience to Petrofac. In his most recent role, as executive vice president within growth regions for AMEC based in Abu Dhabi, he held responsibility for AMEC’s regional growth in the Middle East, Africa and the CIS. From 2005 to early 2011, as regional director, Natural Resources (MENA), Muir was accountable for the safety, business, strategic and commercial performance of AMEC’s Natural Resource business in the region, leading a large workforce engaged on project management consultancy and engineering services for asset development and asset support. Prior to joining AMEC, Muir held numerous roles working in the oilfield service sector with KBR, Brown & Root and AOC International, and he has worked in the North Sea, extensively in the Middle East, and in Asia Pacific.

In his new role, and after an appropriate handover period with Rajesh Verma, Muir will take responsibility for the Engineering & Consulting Services business within ECOM, which includes our engineering service centres in Woking, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, and Plant Asset Management. Muir said: “I am delighted to be coming on board at a time when the new ECOM organisational structure is becoming fully operational. Whilst I am looking forward to settling into the Sharjah offices and gleaning Rajesh’s wisdom, I will be mobile around Petrofac’s ECS locations getting to know and understand all the teams. Petrofac has a strong reputation and I look forward to supporting ECS in playing its part in upholding and developing the business capability, capacity and our performance into the future.”