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08 November 2013

EVE Awards 2013: showcasing the power of our values

Announcing our EVE Award winners 2013

The 2013 EVE Awards ceremony was held on 7 November during our annual Leadership Conference, at Fairmont The Palm Hotel in Dubai.

Now in its third year, the EVE Awards programme recognises Excellence, Values and Energy across our Group.

During the event we celebrated the achievements of our finalists and once again had the opportunity to showcase the power of our values. Our finalists prove that by living our values you can solve difficult problems, go the extra mile for our customers and achieve outstanding results for our projects and communities.

The winners in each category are as follows:


Control of Work team, Offshore Projects & Operations

Following a spate of incidents in OPO, this cross-discipline team came together to produce a new Control of Work standard, process and a range of accompanying tools. This included an award-winning e-learning training package designed to ensure that all the steps of the process would be understood by everyone involved.

As well as receiving external recognition from Oil & Gas UK for their ‘Ideas in Safety’, the team’s framework has also been adopted by customers.

The judges were impressed with the team’s collaboration to develop an end-to-end process, that worked at a practical level to address a major safety concern, and which can be used across Petrofac.


Woking Mentoring team, Engineering & Consulting Services

This team of self-appointed mentors – none of whom had previous teaching experience – worked to develop a mentoring programme for schools in Woking. They provide coaching and tutor pupils in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths, giving up much of their spare time to do so.

The judges recognised that the mentoring team have established a successful programme with great results which other parts of Petrofac can emulate, and commended the team for adding to Petrofac’s reputation and position in the community.


Harweel CRA Trunkline & Weld Overlay Valves teams, Onshore Engineering & Construction (OEC)

These two teams demonstrated innovative achievements on Harweel.

The CRA Trunkline team were challenged to prove the robustness of a 2ml lined line pipe – a prototype for this use – as it differed from Shell and the industry standards. They proved the capability of the liner resulting in Shell and the industry standard being changed. Having identified concerns about the safety of overlay joints of 179 valves, the Weld Overlay team identified a number of additional issues impacting the valves – many of which had already been installed. The team uninstalled and inspected every valve and implemented a robust process of testing and repair across a number of fabrication shops, to ensure the safety and reliability of all 489 valves on the site.

The judges described these as ‘fantastic’ achievements with industry-wide impact


In Salah Gas Evacuation team, OEC and Corporate Services

Following January’s terrorist attack at In Amenas, Algeria, this cross-business team was formed to evacuate more than 400 people from the In Salah gas plant. Three principal teams – on site at ISG, in Sharjah and in London, mobilised at short notice and worked together to overcome numerous challenges associated with evacuating such a large number of people so quickly. Undaunted by the difficulty of mobilising and caring for 400 people; preparing the flight manifests with limited details; dealing with Governments and several changes to the flying plans – the team worked tirelessly over 72 hours to ensure the safe evacuation from site.

The judges commended them for maintaining composure during an unprecedented and changeable situation. They pulled together to ensure the safe evacuation of our personnel from site as a result of a customer directive.


Himanshu Chanchal, Senior Engineer, OEC

With the aim of reducing cost, Himanshu developed a ‘smart tool’ for the design of foundations for vibratory equipment. The traditional method involved time intensive calculations by engineers, which could result in error and ultimately foundation failure and plant shutdown. His automated approach reduces 20 days of work to just a few hours and ensures increased accuracy.

The judges were extremely impressed with the results produced by Himanshu’s tool, citing a 54% reduction of concrete on the Karan project, as a great example of its success.


Mantosh Bhattacharya, Technical Specialist, OEC

In 2011 Mantosh found a solution to a problem (gear box pinion super-synchronous vibration) that the vendor couldn’t resolve. His solution led to the vendor changing their process, which had an industry-wide impact, not to mention the time and cost savings for our project. Then, when Mantosh found that repetitive failure of impellers had potential impact to the schedule of delivery of compressors, he once again found the solution when the vendor could not.

The judges felt that having previously proved his capability with the vendor, Mantosh has once again been able to affect significant change quickly. They were impressed with the many similar examples whereby Mantosh has volunteered to undertake painstaking investigations to fix issues on the ADCO and In Salah Gas projects.


Berantai Field Development team, IES and ECOM

This cross-business unit team, comprising teams from IES and ECOM working across Malaysia, Sharjah and the UK, were responsible for completing the turnkey development of the offshore Berantai gas field. Despite facing many significant challenges, the team achieved first gas within 21 months from contract signature, and under two years from selection of concept, setting a new benchmark in Malaysia.

The judges commended the team for being driven to deliver on a challenging and strategically important project – with a fantastic outcome.

Congratulations to each and every one of our winners and finalists.