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25 November 2012

EVE Awards 2012: introducing our winners

Our second annual EVE Awards ceremony was held at our annual Leadership Conference in Scotland on Thursday 22 November. The programme was developed to recognise individuals and teams who go above and beyond their role to live our values. A total of 20 individuals and teams shortlisted within the categories of safe, ethical, innovative, responsive, quality and cost-conscious and driven to deliver, attended the ceremony. Here we take a look at the winners and their achievements.


Gordon Quigley
HSSE & IA Manager, IES

When Gordon Quigley championed the installation of microchips in all safety helmets on FPSO Berantai, he initiated a dramatically improved site monitoring process and ensured higher safety standards on board. The ‘Safe Smart’ microchip system automated the permit checking process, monitoring personnel working in confined spaces, and helped improve evacuation timings.

This is a significant step forward in personnel management and the judges commended Gordon for taking the initiative to successfully implement a safety programme with Group-wide potential.


Sajaa HSSE team
Sajaa, OPO

Prior to Petrofac’s involvement with the site, the Sajaa asset had been badly affected by an oil spill. Determined to put right the problems caused by the spill, which they feared could potentially contaminate a nearby residential area, the Sajaa HSSE team were the first in the Petrofac organisation to use an innovative clean-up technique known as the Skimming Xitec System. Using the system the team has recovered over 8,000 litres of condensate.

The judges praised the team’s commitment to achieving the highest ethical standards, and to doing the right thing, in order to prevent any future impact.


Hemant Gor
South Yoloten, OEC

The South Yoloten project required over 2,000 concrete foundations of varying design to complete the build successfully. Determined to optimise the amount of concrete used on site, Hemant developed a new standardised process which allowed him to create innovative foundation designs that take account of local conditions and codes. His solution was so successful that it was approved by the Turkmenistan Ministry of Construction, and has since been distributed to engineering centres across the Group.

The judges praised this exciting new concept which is quick and repeatable and saves significant amounts of concrete without compromising build quality.


Technical database development team
Mechanical department, OEC

The judges believe this deceptively simple project will bring benefits to Petrofac for decades to come. This team developed a technical database comprising over ten years of technical drawings and project equipment – allowing knowledge to be shared across the Group and saving countless hours of time for engineers who need to access the data.

Impressed by their commitment to completing an exacting and painstaking task, the judges commended the team for carrying out this work of their own accord, and in addition to their day-to-day work. They noted that the system, which can be used by proposals right through to projects would help the Group retain knowledge, assist in improving the way we work, and how we develop our personnel.


Sureshot erection team
In Salah, OEC

The sureshot erection team recognised that missing steel structures present a significant cost issue for Petrofac build projects. To prevent this issue occurring on the In Salah Gas project, the team implemented a web-based bar coding system which significantly improved their ability to track structures during fabrication, transport and erection, therefore improving cost management. This system, which has subsequently been rolled out as a standard across all Petrofac projects, has significantly reduced human error and delivered major improvements in the control of structural deliveries.

The judging panel deemed the team’s efforts as game changing. They felt the system would bring about significant savings to our projects, both in terms of cost and schedule.


Lakshmi Venkatesh
Assistant General Manager – Mumbai, ECS

Lakshmi’s commitment to promoting Petrofac as an employer of choice within the graduate community has taken her far beyond her everyday role. Described by the judges as a “brand ambassador” for the Group, Lakshmi has written and presented papers at industry-specific conferences, lectured at universities (including teaching a class on Saturday mornings), and written articles for industry publication. The judges were impressed by Lakshmi’s drive and passion for her role – in particular her determination to contribute to her profession by encouraging young people and women to choose a career in the oil and gas industry.


Mexico transition team

Even by Petrofac’s exceptional standards, the transition of two integrated service contracts from Mexico’s National Oil Company PEMEX to Petrofac delivered record results. The team completed the entire transfer – recruiting and training 140 staff, 80% of whom were hired locally, defining the organisational structure, co-ordinating IT requirements and process procedures, and completing contractual deliverables – within a ground-breaking 60 days.

The judging panel was particularly impressed with the team’s determination to complete the project in 60 days, even though they were contractually permitted to take 90 days. They praised their commitment to “show PEMEX what Petrofac is capable of.”