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13 December 2023

Consulting team begins FEED for Neptune Energy’s L10CCS carbon storage project in the Netherlands

Our consulting team has recently begun work on the front-end engineering design (FEED) on a project that aims to play a key role in supporting the European Union in reaching its decarbonisation goals.

The FEED, awarded to us by Neptune Energy, is for its L10 Operation facilities - a carbon storage infrastructure development that will connect to the Netherlands’ flagship Carbon Capture, Transportation and Storage (CCS) project, Aramis.

The L10 Operation is being developed by Neptune Energy, alongside its partners EBN, Tenaz Energy and ExxonMobil, and seeks to store up to five million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, which will be captured from industrial emitters in the region.

Our scope covers the first two phases of the project, L10 South (1A) and L10 North (1B) and is being executed by our consulting team, based in Woking, UK:

  • Phase 1A: L10-South - installation of an L10 hub/injection platform in the L10 south storage complex and installation of a spur line from the Aramis DHUB (distribution hub) platform to the L10 hub platform
  • Phase 1B: L10-North - The installation of an injection platform (L10-Y) in the L10 north storage complex (L10-BE) and the installation of an inter-field pipeline between the L10 hub and injection platform

John Pearson, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Transition Projects commented:

“Energy transition projects like this reflect our growing role in helping deliver key infrastructure that will be vital to achieving a lower-carbon future. We look forward to deploying our multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities and more than 20 years of experience of offshore pipelines and infrastructure to support Neptune Energy and its partners. This development builds on our strong track record in CCUS, from emitter capture at the asset, through transportation and ultimately long-term geological storage.”

The FEED is expected to complete in the second half of 2024, and Neptune Energy aims to progress towards a Final Investment Decision in 2025.

L10CCS map