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06 January 2012

Colleagues walk the world for our 30th anniversary

From Singapore to Shetland, Abu Dhabi to Aberdeen, almost 3,000 individuals formed 605 teams of walkers who collectively clocked up over 294,000 miles! This staggering distance is the equivalent of walking approximately 12 times around the world – wow!

Walkers were invited to log the steps recorded on their pedometer on a specially designed online portal. By recording steps on a daily basis, each walker received a ‘virtual postcard’ of the equivalent distance they would have travelled and a series of health or environmental tips to inspire them to walk that little bit further. One team captain, Ailsa Kerr, based in Aberdeen, commented on the initiative: “It has been great fun and I have really enjoyed the challenge. It’s been surprising, and at times very competitive, watching the step totals rise! It has certainly made me think twice about sitting at my desk at lunchtime, and I hope to continue with this simple approach to fitness in my everyday life.”

As each step was logged on the portal, competition across departments and locations grew! Debasish Deb based in Sharjah commented: “The day Walk the World started, everywhere is walking distance for me! This challenge has really changed my lifestyle. Daily morning walks are no longer optional, they have become mandatory! I hope to maintain these fun changes as part of my family’s life.”

Congratulations to the Piping Joggers based in India who walked a staggering 4,548 miles coming top of the team league table. This is the approximate equivalent distance of walking from Mumbai to London.
 Amit Kumar Tanwar, based in India, walked an impressive 819 miles to earn his position at the top of the individual’s league table; this is the equivalent of walking from London to Rome which is a very notable accomplishment.

Internal communications coordinator and initiator of the Walk the World challenge, Karen Slupinski, commented: “Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Petrofac Walk the World challenge. It has been fantastic to see enthusiastic groups of people coming together to get to know each other better whilst improving their fitness.”

Top teams by total mileage

1.       Piping Joggers, India – 4,548 miles
2.       Chitas, India – 3,304 miles
3.       The 8, India – 2,391 miles

Top teams by average mileage per person, per day

1.       Piping Joggers, India – 15 miles
2.       Chitas, India – 13 miles
3.       Young Civilian, UAE – 8 miles

Top walkers by total mileage

1.       Amit Kumar Tanwar, India – 819 miles
2.       Gunesh Hirve, India – 742 miles
3.       Sukhbir Goyat, India – 654 miles