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27 August 2014

Former graduates complete construction of technical training centre in Abu Dhabi

Former graduates of the Petrofac Academy will soon complete the construction of a new technical training centre for the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) at the ADNOC Technical Institute in the Al Shamka region of Abu Dhabi. The centre, which is covered under a variation order of Petrofac’s SARB3 contract, started construction in June 2013. It will provide opportunities for up to 240 UAE students a year to develop their skills and knowledge in plant equipment as well as plant operation through various training scenarios.

The training centre is more than 3,000 square metres and includes an indoor training facility with four process pilot training plants, a well-head plant, an oil separation plant, and a gas dehydration and gas sweetening plant, which is the first of its kind in the region. All facilities are designed to reflect the operations and processes in the Satah Al Razboot (SARB) oil field development, providing delegates with first-hand experience.

Lisa Diab, a former Petrofac Academy graduate and Deputy Manager on the project says: “This was a new scope of work for our ECOM division – to complete a training facility as part of a major project variation order. We have been working with Petrofac Training Services, who will also go on to implement a 12-month training programme once the facility is up and running. We were working to the same deliverables as if on a major project – the same level of quality and cost control as if for a real plant, but on a smaller scale.”

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Our graduate engineers, who took part in the project: Guy Naim, Fady Khazzaka, Lisa Diab, Hassan Rahil, and Mihran Tossounian.