Living our values

Where you’ll see what it means to be in good company.

Our values really do mean something to us. They sit at the heart of everything we do, inspire our success and guide our decisions and actions.

Petrofac people are:

  • safe
  • ethical
  • innovative
  • responsive
  • quality and cost conscious
  • driven to deliver

Each year, our EVE Awards recognise colleagues from around the world who live our values. We’re extremely proud of the response to the awards scheme, showing how highly our employees identify with these values.

These 2016 EVE Award winners demonstrate just a few examples of our values in action:

The Woking Office Graduate Committee, who won the Ethical award.

  • The Woking Graduate Committee (GC) was formed to provide structure for graduates in the Woking office, with the aim to boost morale while project and training opportunities are limited. The GC succeeded in building trust within the graduate community through open communication and by delivering on all their promises. A series of initiatives were developed to improve confidence and skills so that graduates could become chartered in a shorter space of time. These included:
    • Talks by technical guest speakers and specialist Woking staff speakers
    • Monthly graduate knowledge transfer sessions
    • A graduate database of relevant oil and gas technical articles
  • The GC also worked closely with the local community, collaborating with local schools and businesses. Using their own time and with no budget, the GC has successfully built strong relationships both inside and outside Petrofac.

David Ward-Gittos, who won the Innovative award.

  • The logistical challenges of the ZADCO UZ-750 project in Abu Dhabi meant that transportation and load-out were dictating the structural design. Any changes to the barges transporting the modules would have resulted in a redesign of the structures with a large impact on cost and scheduling. David Ward-Gittos came up with innovative solutions to deal with this challenge. These included:
    • The introduction of flexibility in the structures to allow them to conform to barge deflections rather than work against them
    • A standard barge grillage on the barges for all rack widths
    • Establishing reduced motion criteria for the local barge transportation
  • This saved an estimated 20% of steel weight, and resulted in significant cost savings.


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