Respecting human rights

Petrofac operates in challenging environments where human rights issues can become a source of risk, both for our business and for some of the people who work on our sites.

We are committed to upholding and advancing human rights throughout our business operations and extended supply chain, ensuring that everyone who works with and for us are treated with respect, fairness and dignity. We strive to follow industry good practice, working in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact, as well as the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Performance and priorities




Progressively extend our awareness and training programme across our new projects and geographies and to key subcontractors and recruiters - Training and awareness sessions were undertaken in India and Turkey, and with industry stakeholders in the UAE and Oman
- We also refreshed our site labour rights tool kit with new awareness posters
Continue to extend the awareness and training programme, completing sessions on all new E&C projects
Embed the new due diligence processes in our compliance and supply chain systems, and raise awareness with key functions Work was undertaken to enhance labour rights due diligence screening, to ensure the system was more user-friendly and informative Extend coverage of labour rights & worker welfare audits by integrating social performance into the Group HSSEIA compliance assurance programme
Adopt into the next public statement all relevant recommendations from the UK Government’s 2018 independent review of the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) All recommendations related to the MSA public statement were adopted Join Business & Human Rights Resource Centre Modern Slavery Act Registry to allow benchmarking of practice and drive performance improvement
Enhance collaboration with country human rights and labour forums and share good practice with wider industry stakeholders - We continued our ongoing collaboration with the Building Responsibly Group, Oman Labour Forum and presented at two industry stakeholder events
- We also delivered a lecture to 120 students in the Ethics and Sustainability Departments of the American University of Sharjah
Progress collaboration with industry peers and present progress at industry forum/stakeholder events


Strengthening our approach to protecting human rights

Understanding and addressing potential human rights issues is a matter of priority for Petrofac.

Our Labour Rights Standard sets out the expectations and requirements of our people, subcontractors and suppliers. Meanwhile, our annual transparency statement, published in compliance with the UK Modern Day Slavery Act, sets out the steps that Petrofac took to strengthen our approach and embed the underlying principles throughout our operations.

During 2019, our priority was to continue to roll-out and embed our Labour Rights and Worker Welfare Standards throughout the business. We continued with the awareness raising and capacity building programmes launched in 2018, focusing on further understanding our supply chain risks and enhancing our protections.






Our commitments for 2020 and beyond

For 2020, our focus will continue to be on building capacity within the organisation, extending awareness training, and refining our data collection and performance monitoring systems. This will include:

  • Extend coverage of labour rights and worker welfare audits by integrating social performance assessments into the Group HSSEIA compliance assurance programme
  • Continuing to extend our awareness and training programmes, completing sessions on all new E&C projects
  • Developing new performance indicators for our project sites



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