Helping our people to Speak Up

Speak Up is our telephone, email and web-based service enabling anybody who has concerns to report anonymously suspected breaches of our Code of Conduct.

We have worked hard to make sure that all employees know how to raise breaches of our Code of Conduct, in confidence, in their preferred language. We implement a non-retaliatory policy for those who raise issues of concern in good faith.

We see the fact that the number of breaches reported has increased since 2015 as a positive sign that everyone involved with Petrofac is more aware of the requirements of the Code, the issues that can be raised through Speak Up and of our non-retaliatory policy:

  • 99% of people who completed our PetroVoices survey at the end of 2016 said that they were aware of the Code
  • All employees are expected to complete an e-learning programme that explains the Code: 18,700 people have completed the course since it was launched in 2014

We continue to encourage everyone involved with Petrofac to raise any potential breaches of our Code by Speaking Up.

Our whistleblowing policy

The Board Audit Committee oversees our Speak Up programme, and is also responsible for our broader whistleblowing policy. Under our Code of Conduct, any alleged breaches of the Code, including in connection with financial matters must be reported to the Committee.

All whistleblowing investigations are governed by a protocol which has been jointly developed by Group Compliance, Legal, HR and Internal Audit. Reported breaches are reviewed by the Compliance team and assessed to determine what further investigation is warranted and to ensure that appropriate action is taken. The Board Audit Committee receives details of the issues reported, together with the action being taken. 

Read more about our approach to whistleblowing at the end of our Corporate Responsibility report.