Culture and ethics

Our distinctive, delivery-focused culture is fundamental to our success. In everything we do, we are guided and sustained by our six core values: safe, ethical, innovative, responsive, quality and cost conscious, and driven to deliver.

We make sure we find the right solution for our clients, not just the easy one. Our people believe in doing everything to the best of their abilities.

Petrofac is a diverse and ambitious organisation. We have a passion for excellence and are committed to enhancing productivity, creating more value, and managing risk better. Our shared values help us to innovate and solve complex problems.

We operate in challenging environments and unpredictable markets, but every challenge makes us stronger.

Ethics at Petrofac

We are determined to be an ethical Company. Our desire to be an ethical and trusted company drives our internal communication and employee education activities, as well as our compliance programme.

Our Ethics Policy states our approach to meeting the ethical expectations of our stakeholders and the legal and regulatory requirements of the countries in which we operate.

Our Code of Conduct governs how we work and is the basis for everything we do. It is founded on our six values and provides guidance on dealing with difficult decisions and situations. We conducted a full review of the Code in 2018, and we plan to launch the new Code in 2019.

Find out more about our approach to ethics and our expected behaviours of everyone who works with and for Petrofac.

We have strengthened our risk management practices across the Group, and have increased steadily the options for our internal and external stakeholders to raise concerns of possible breaches to our Code through Speak Up, our independently managed whistleblowing mechanism. The Speak Up programme is designed to make it easy for people to report such issues. It is now available in 17 locations where we operate, which are reviewed periodically, and issues can be raised in any desired language.

We believe that we are building a culture of openness and challenge that is being shared successfully across the company.


We've built an effective risk management culture and framework

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is founded on our values

It governs how we work and sets out our expectations of everyone who works for and with Petrofac