Role of the committee

The role of the committee is to:

  • Regularly review the composition and structure of the Board and its Committees
  • Identify and recommends for Board approval suitable candidates to be appointed to the Board
  • Consider the effectiveness of succession planning processes for the Group as well as specific succession plans for Directors and other senior executives taking into account diversity, experience, knowledge and skills

Terms of reference

The Committee reviewed its terms of reference during the year and amendments were made to incorporate Committee membership changes.

Download the Nominations Committee Terms of Reference


Board and senior management succession planning has been a key focus during 2017, coupled with reviewing the composition of the Board and its Committees, resulting in a refresh of the composition of each Board Committee at the start of 2018. In addition, as a result of senior management changes, the Company undertook a Group-wide functional reorganisation programme during the year.

In 2017, the Committee dedicated over a third of its time to reviewing and discussing succession planning at Board and senior management level, and a further third discussing key organisational changes and people development. This reflects the importance placed on these matters, and ensures that unexpected changes could be managed without disruption to the Group’s strategy or day-to-day operations.

The progression of our emerging talent is reviewed annually. One of our principal objectives is to build a strong talent pipeline, and a key focus to develop employee skills and capability for the future.

In compliance with the UK Code, this year’s Board evaluation exercise was internally facilitated, and the results can be found in the full Corporate Governance report.

The Committee discussed the results of the 2016 Petrovoices survey, and compared it with previous results. Progress had been made across the organisation in 2017 to respond to actions arising from this employee engagement survey, and work will continue in 2018. A further Petrovoices survey is planned for 2018.

Marwan Chedid resigned from the Board during 2017, as did Jane Sadowsky and Thomas Thune Andersen.

Thomas Thune Andersen’s role as Senior Independent Director (SID) was assumed by René Médori from September 2017.  Following the announcement by Rijnhard van Tets that he would step down from the Board at the conclusion of the AGM in May 2018, René Médori took over the role of Chairman at the end of the AGM in May 2018, and Matthias Bichsel assumed the role of SID.

Earlier in the year, and with a view of improving gender diversity and enhancing overall Board expertise, the Committee began an external search for a new Non-Executive Director. As a result, we were pleased to welcome Sara Akbar, who joined the Board as a Non-Executive Director on 1 January 2018.

Read the 2017 Nominations Committee Report.